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Troubles on the swamps by Bonaxor
by Bonaxor

Okay, I've never written a critique before, so excuse any blunder I may make. With the orange and pink shades against the blue backgrou...


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  • 200:My crush's name is: i dont have one
  • 199:I was born in: a hospital?? i guess
  • 198:I am really:tired
  • 197:My cellphone company is: umm idk
  • 196:My eye color is:hazel
  • 195:My shoe size is:like 6-7
  • 194:My ring size is:no idea
  • 193:My height is: 5'2
  • 192:I am allergic to: pollen :x
  • 191:My 1st car was:i never had a car lmao
  • 190:My 1st job was:poison ivy removal
  • 189:Last book you read:that one about the guy who wakes up in a new body every day
  • 188:My bed is:in my room
  • 187:My pet:is a lizard
  • 186:My best friend:is hella
  • 185:My favorite shampoo is:good for dyed hair
  • 184:Xbox or ps3:either one idc
  • 183:Piggy banks are:cute!!!!!!!!
  • 182:In my pockets:there is a pencil
  • 181:On my calendar:all the pages are unmarked
  • 180:Marriage is:a social construct
  • 179:Spongebob can:fuck me in the ass
  • 178:My mom:is p great
  • 177:The last three songs I bought were?i dont buy music ha.......
  • 176:Last YouTube video watched:maybe the doll posession one
  • 175:How many cousins do you have?1
  • 174:Do you have any siblings?yes
  • 173:Are your parents divorced?no
  • 172:Are you taller than your mom?no
  • 171:Do you play an instrument?keyboard
  • 170:What did you do yesterday?nothing at all
  • [ I Believe In ]
  • 169:Love at first sight:no
  • 168:Luck:ye
  • 167:Fate:yess??
  • 166:Yourself:depends
  • 165:Aliens:yes
  • 164:Heaven:ye
  • 163:Hell:ye
  • 162:God:ye
  • 161:Horoscopes: meeh
  • 160:Soul mates:yes!!
  • 159:Ghosts:yep
  • 158:Gay Marriage: yeah
  • 157:War:do i think its a solution to problems?? it definitely is one solution
  • 156:Orbs:lmao wut
  • 155:Magic:ye
  • [ This or That ]
  • 154:Hugs or Kisses:both
  • 153:Drunk or High:drunk
  • 152:Phone or Online:online
  • 151:Red heads or Black haired: black on guys, red on girls
  • 150:Blondes or Brunettes:bothh
  • 149:Hot or cold:hot
  • 148:Summer or winter: summer
  • 147:Autumn or Spring:autumn
  • 146:Chocolate or vanilla:chocolate
  • 145:Night or Day:night
  • 144:Oranges or Apples: apples
  • 143:Curly or Straight hair:straight
  • 142:McDonalds or Burger King:mickey d's
  • 141:White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate:milk
  • 140:Mac or PC:pc
  • 139:Flip flops or high heals: heels
  • 138:Ugly and rich OR sweet and poor:sweet n poor
  • 137:Coke or Pepsi:i dont like either not after the vanilla incident
  • 136:Hillary or Obama:obabo will always have my heart
  • 135:Burried or cremated:cremated
  • 134:Singing or Dancing:singing
  • 133:Coach or Chanel:chanel
  • 132:Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks:idk
  • 131:Small town or Big city:city!
  • 130:Wal-Mart or Target:target
  • 129:Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: umm
  • 128:Manicure or Pedicure:mani
  • 127:East Coast or West Coast:east coast represent!!
  • 126:Your Birthday or Christmas:bday
  • 125:Chocolate or Flowers: flowers
  • 124:Disney or Six Flags:six flags
  • 123:Yankees or Red Sox:red sox
  • [ Here's What I Think About ]
  • 122:War:its just a natural human response and it cant rly be helped as awful as it is
  • 121:George Bush:paints cool dogs
  • 120:Gay Marriage:a ok
  • 119:The presidential election: always sux
  • 118:Abortion:so what ya want mayn
  • 117:MySpace:90's
  • 116:Reality TV:EEWW
  • 115:Parents:just ppl
  • 114:Back stabbers:filth that deserve to die
  • 113:Ebay:sweet!!
  • 112:Facebook:gets a bad rap
  • 111:Work:suckssssss
  • 110:My Neighbors:mostly ok
  • 109:Gas Prices:burn
  • 108:Designer Clothes: as long as they clothes look good mayn idc about the label
  • 107:College:expensive but worth it
  • 106:Sports:boooooring big kid vidya games
  • 105:My family:mostly cool
  • 104:The future:not too optimistic tbh
  • [ Last time I ]
  • 103:Hugged someone: few days ago
  • 102:Last time you ate:half an hour ago
  • 101:Saw someone I haven't seen in awhile:idkk
  • 100:Cried in front of someone:besides my family?? never (though i came pretty damn close at volleyball a few weeks back)
  • 99:Went to a movie theater:do drive ins count?? couple weeks
  • 98:Took a vacation:last year
  • 97:Swam in a pool:also last year
  • 96:Changed a diaper:neverr
  • 95:Got my nails done:few weeks
  • 94:Went to a wedding:17+ years ago
  • 93:Broke a bone:never
  • 92:Got a peircing:a year
  • 91:Broke the law:idk
  • 90:Texted: this afternoon
  • [ MISC ]
  • 89:Who makes you laugh the most:ashlynn or kyle
  • 88:Something I will really miss when I leave home is:my pets n family
  • 87:The last movie I saw:22 jump street
  • 86:The thing that I'm looking forward to the most:idk man
  • 85:The thing im not looking forward to:everythin
  • 84:People call me:jealous
  • 83:The most difficult thing to do is: trust
  • 82:I have gotten a speeding ticket:no
  • 81:My zodiac sign is:aquarius
  • 80:The first person i talked to today was:mike
  • 79:First time you had a crush:when i was very young
  • 78:The one person who i can't hide things from:im a very good hider
  • 77:Last time someone said something you were thinking:idkkk
  • 76:Right now I am talking to:no one
  • 75:What are you going to do when you grow up: be involved in either film or art
  • 74:I have/will get a job:i have one at a grocery store
  • 73:Tomorrow:i will work
  • 72:Today:i did nothing
  • 71:Next Summer:i will be free
  • 70:Next Weekend:i will be alone
  • 69:I have these pets:lizard, ducks, chickens, cats, dog
  • 68:The worst sound in the world: roaring
  • 67:The person that makes me cry the most is:myself
  • 66:People that make you happy:depends
  • 65:Last time I cried:few days ago
  • 64:My friends are: untrustworthy
  • 63:My computer is:suck
  • 62:My School:is suck
  • 61:My Car:is nonexistant
  • 60:I lose all respect for people who:lie to or about me
  • 59:The movie I cried at was:idk
  • 58:Your hair color is:black and red
  • 57:TV shows you watch:always sunny, spn
  • 56:Favorite web site:facebook/4chan/tumblr
  • 55:Your dream vacation:camping with my friends
  • 54:The worst pain I was ever in was:ummmmm
  • 53:How do you like your steak cooked:i dont like steak
  • 52:My room is:clean
  • 51:My favorite celebrity is: gerard way
  • 50:Where would you like to be:with people
  • 49:Do you want children:nah
  • 48:Ever been in love:idk
  • 47:Who's your best friend: ashlynn
  • 46:More guy friends or girl friends:pretty balanced tbh
  • 45:One thing that makes you feel great is:when ppl treat me like im worth something hahahaha
  • 44:One person that you wish you could see right now:anyone
  • 43:Do you have a 5 year plan:no
  • 42:Have you made a list of things to do before you die: sorta
  • 41:Have you pre-named your children:no
  • 40:Last person I got mad at:everyone
  • 39:I would like to move to:boston
  • 38:I wish I was a professional:artist or author
  • [ My Favorites ]
  • 37:Candy:anything sour
  • 36:Vehicle:idc
  • 35:President:obababo FAV vp is joe
  • 34:State visited:south carolina
  • 33:Cellphone provider:idc??
  • 32:Athlete:idc
  • 31:Actor:idC
  • 30:Actress:ISDDCC
  • 29:Singer:gerard way
  • 28:Band:fob, mcr, p!atd, am, black keys
  • 27:Clothing store:hot topic, delias
  • 26:Grocery store:idff
  • 25:TV show:always sunny, spn
  • 24:Movie:lotr
  • 23:Website:already done
  • 22:Animal:cats
  • 21:Theme park:canobie
  • 20:Holiday:halloween
  • 19:Sport to watch:idc
  • 18:Sport to play:idccccc
  • 17:Magazine:fuckin zoobooks I DONT KNOW
  • 16:Book:thirteen reasons why was p good
  • 15:Day of the week:idk
  • 14:Beach:idkk
  • 13:Concert attended:monumentour
  • 12:Thing to cook:i odnt like cooking
  • 11:Food:idk
  • 10:Restaurant: anything chinese
  • 9:Radio station:103.3
  • 8:Yankee candle scent: idcc
  • 7:Perfume:paris
  • 6:Flower:forget me not or lilac
  • 5:Color:blue, purple, black, white, red
  • 4:Talk show host:idkkk
  • 3:Comedian:bo burnam
  • 2:Dog breed:idcc?/
  • 1:did you answer all these truthfully ? yes


actual magical girl
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
thanks for any favs and watches and stuff YOU DA BEST

you can call me Shade. i'm 17, more or less a girl, and has depression and sociopathic tendencies i wish i was kidding my life seems like a cliche

:iconzasexydarkangel: She's my main bitch i love her <3
:iconloveandkaos: Horny bastard, may or may not be gayish
:iconquazstalker: Ewwwwwwww... ily bae
:iconthepeachfairy: My sister who is 2 hipster 2 live
:iconlunarlock: My crump buddy who is the coolest cat around
:iconj-mirakuru: THE BAE
:icon10-seconds-flat: FUCKIN BRONIES
:iconzeathan64: um fuck this guy for not following me?? ok
iconxeversouldarknessx: THE BEEEEES
:iconroseblossom9029: converted to he mlp side
:iconbluemoon8224: she doesnt upload art much
:iconxreikuxchanx: DA BEST

Current Residence: kshfdsgfds
deviantWEAR sizing preference: dfgthgfh
Print preference: Um, ink?
Favourite genre of music: Electronica
Favourite photographer: I dunno.
Favourite style of art: Um.
Operating System: ????
MP3 player of choice: The kind that plays music.
Shell of choice: ...What? Conch, I guess.
Wallpaper of choice: Pff. I don't care.
Skin of choice: MINE.
Favourite cartoon character: SILVER. Or Spongebob.
Personal Quote: Once it's a known fact I'm an idiot, I can do whatever I want!

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